New Garage Doors

New Garage Doors Acworth, GA

Are you looking to have new garage doors installed at your home? If so you have come to the right place. Affordable Garage Doors offers the industries most durable and reliable new garage doors around the Acworth area. We offer Amarr & CHI Doors for the easy access and there warranties. We do not install the cheapest and don’t want to be none for installing these materials for the lowest prices. We are repairing and replacing the Wayne Dalton builder grade doors as well as replacing the entire spring systems here in Acworth 3-5 times a week. So you need to at the overall costs before going with the cheapest materials on the market today. You may save a few dollars on the initial install but someone will be back out to repair the top section or to make a torque master conversion within 3-6 years on average. We get calls in the 32092 zip code almost daily for Wayne Dalton door problems and our customers think theres no springs on these doors because they are not visible. Our experienced sales staff already knows what type of door it is when this is said. Torque Master Conversions cost between $125-$200 more than a typical torsion spring replacement and its because it takes more parts and time to make the repairs. You will also not get as many cycles or years on these springs either. All of our manufacturers offer 3-5 year warranties on their hardware and the springs are usually 5. We also offer upgrades over longer warranties and springs for the beaches that will not rust. So compare all of your options before jumping on the lowest price to install new garage doors. We install the best and replace the rest!

8 X 7 Garage Door Installations

New garage doors come in many different sizes but the most popular size for homes having 2 small doors are the 8 X 7’s. These doors are the on about 65% of the homes you see now with 2 individual doors instead of a single 2 car garage door. The only bad thing about having 2 separate doors is that if the doors are over 5-7 years old and one door is damaged and needing replaced the other door will usually have to be replaced to make sure they are the same exact style. The same goes for trying to find replacement panels or sections. The manufacturers will change the tongue and groove every 5 to 7 years as they are learning more and more about garage doors and better ways to build them and make them safer and last longer. So before calling a garage door company for an issue with replacing anything on one specific door you must first locate the manufacturer name and model of the door. This will save you a service call and definitely worth the $29-$49 depending on the city you live in. The more information you can provide the better off you will be when it comes time to get a quote for new garage doors.

9 X 7 Garage Doors

The 9 X 7 Garage Doors started getting popular during the great SUV crave. That’s when everyone was driving the big trucks and SUV’s. Back when the gas was still affordable. These over-sized doors made it easier and roomier for these bigger vehicles and a lot of builders started framing the doors for these doors and they have become standard as well. The price isn’t a whole lot more than the 8 X 7 either. The same thing happens with these doors too. Once you go to replace one you will probably have to replace the pair to ensure everything is consistent. We offer some of the most styles and choices available with our 2 manufacturers using Amarr & CHI Doors. If you see something you like off of either site please feel free to call for an estimate!

16 X 7 Double Car Garage Doors

Double Car Garage Doors are the norm now days and are sometimes combined with a small 8 X 7 or 9 X 7 beside it. Most homeowners today realize how important the garage door is to the homes ease of access and they have completely taken over as the primary access door to our home. 16 X 7 doors need to be more sturdy and supported because of the width of the door and in the state of Florida you will now see at least one support strut on every section and in some hurricane zoned areas you will see 2 on the top and bottom sections which helps protect the door from blowing in. These codes have made the garage door prices sky rocket in the area because of the extra supports makes the door heavier which in turn means you need bigger torsion springs. The extension springs are rarely used at all for this very reason. Most garage doors in Florida today either have torsion springs or Wayne Dalton torque master systems. I would highly recommend the torsion spring with either the Amarr or CHI Doors.

If you are needing a quote for new garage doors and like to respond by emails please leave your name, address, telephone number and the size and type of door you would like.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.